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Lost City Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Wasteland Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

London Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Fallen Beauty Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Sky Castle Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Hatch Designs: Visual Effects

Killzone Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Andreas Rocha Digital Matte Painter

Beacon Digital Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Andreas Rocha 1 Digital Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Distant Shores Digital Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Tiberius Viris: Matte Painter & Concept Artist

Hall of the Dragon Mist Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Tiberius Viris Matte Painting [Design Inspiration]

Digital Paintings

Digital painting is becoming a hugely popular art form, and some of the work out there is of a very high standard. Digital Painting is similar to traditional painting in many ways, the main difference being (obviously) that the painting is done on a computer using a graphics tablet and a computer software, this means the artist has the advantage of using effects, filters and layers to enhance the artwork. For more work like this check out 46 Inspiring Digital Paintings from Outlaw Design Blog.

Digital Portrait sketch by cok3ster - Digital Paintings [Design Inspiration]

Allice & Her Guitar Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Digital Painting Jungle [Design Inspiration]

Waves Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Umbrella Sky by Blackeri - Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Through the Devastation By Perzo Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Hethe Srodawa

This concept artist works for Rockstar games, he has a lot of interesting pieces of work in his portfolio, I particularly like the digital concept paintings the most. Check out the portfolio.

Future City Digital Paintings [Design Inspiration]

Studio Apartment Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Urban Guy Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Death Blow (Transformers Fan art)

This piece I find really captures the action of the movie, and the scene. There is a full article written by the creator of this art about the concept & progression. It’s an interesting read.

Deathblow Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]


I Some really stunning work from Radojavor, Be sure to check the DeviantArt profile.

HMS Royal George by Radojavor Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

La Rochelle by Radojavor Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Bagdad by Radojavor - Digital Painting [Design Inspiration]

Motion Graphics / Visual Effects

In today’s world of Television, films and online video the need for impressive visual effects has become important for any video production, here are a few examples of some truly inspirational motion graphics/visual effects work. You can see how a great effects and talent can really help improve a video and make it have much more of a lasting impression.

Inspirational Graphic Design

Graphic design is probably the closest link to Web design that I have featured, it’s not uncommon for Web Designers to also do Graphic Design work. So although this wouldn’t really class as an “unconventional” source of Web Design inspiration, it is a little different from the CSS Web Galleries we’re all becoming used to these days. There’s so many great graphic designers out there that I’ve barely touched the surface, but hopefully in the near future I’ll being you more and more examples like these.

Positive Hype [Design Inspiration]

Maciej Mizer aka *m0sk

This guy’s work is extremely nice to look at, love the colours, effects and the overall mood, you can check out his portfolio for more; – Or you can click the images below to get to his DeviantArt Page.

Reawakening by *mOsk on DeviantArt [Design Inspiration]

Afterlife by *mOsk on DeviantArt

Whisper by *mOsk on DeviatArt [Design Inspiration]

Williams Design Studios

This amazing digital artist has a lot of very high grade work. The attention to detail is amazing and really adds to the work. Some very strong stuff in his portfolio, very much worth exploring.

Williams Design Studio Global Sin [Design Inspiration]

William Design Studio Global Sin - Male Version [Design Inspiration]

Williams Design Studios - Graphic Design Inspiration

Alex Cherry

I really like to see a grunge/dirty styles pulled off digitally very nicely. These are some great examples of organic looking digital graphic design from Alex Cherry from Of Sound and Vision.

Alex Cherry Wales Graphic Designer [Design Inspiration]

Alex Cherry 1 Graphic Designer [Design Inspiration]

Alex Cherry Ermoh Graphic Designer [Design Inspiration]


A friend of mine on flickr. Atheneum’s own flickr page only has a few pieces, but I think she has a great style and a lot of potential, I predict great things from her.

Atheneum Beautify Graphic Design [Design Inspiration]

Atheneum Graphic Designer [Design Inspiration]

Andrew Greig

A very interesting and varied portfolio, very nice style.

Andrew Greig Graphic Designer [Graphic Design Blog]

Jonathan Wong

Here is some amazing artwork from Jonathan Wong. Some truly beautiful work to feast your eyes on. Graphic Design Inspiration Jonathan Wong

Graphic Design Inspiration Jonathan Wong

Graphic Design Inspiration Jonathan Wong

Kjegwan Leihitu

Kjegwan Leihitu has a very clean crisp style, his work looks amazing & the added effects look very well polished.

Kjegwan Leihitu Graphic Design Inspiration

Kjegwan Leihitu Graphic Design Inspiration

Exceptional 3D Art

Here is some more excellent 3D work, in this collection you get to see 22 of the Most Striking 3D Robots ever. It’s a great collection, and the level of work & detail is something to aspire to, enough to inspire anyone interested in design. The best places to find the best 3D Work/Articles would have to be CGSociety and Highend3D. 3D is an art form which takes a lot of talent and patience, the ability

Jimi Hendrix 3D Art by Marcin Klicki [Design Inspiration]

3D Art Song Hye Kyo by Max Edwin [Design Inspiration]

3D Sphere Chopper [Design Inspiration]

Worth enough?, by Radoslav Zilinsky 3D Art [Design Inspiration]

John Locke 3D Art [Design Inspiration]

3D Art - Plumbers Nightmare [Design Inspiration]

3D Art Busker [Design Inspiration]

Clever Advertising

It’s refreshing to find that there is some creativity in the world of advertising. Far too often ads are made cheaply and to a poor standard, here are a few examples of advertising done correctly.

Jobs in Town 1 Clever Advertising [Design Inspiration]

Jobs in Town 2 Clever Advertising [Design Inspiration]

World End, Century Travel - Clever Advertising [Design Inspiration]

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